October cms

October cms

Read the plugin support instructions. Many apps connect to third party services to enrich their features. These almost always require authentication via a key of some form. Developers get confused as to why their environment is breaking, only to discover that someone They then need to find out who has the most recently updated key, and what it is, before they can work.

This plugin acts as a gateway between your October CMS project and your. Once installed, you are able to use the php artisan envault:setup and php artisan envault:update commands as documented. For more information on using Envaultplease see our Getting Started Guide. This plugin relies on your project having DotEnv configuration enabled. Envault is a tool aimed at developers for their local and staging environments, thus is not suitable for use on a production server.

Log into Envault's web app. Each app provides you with a setup command similar to our example:. Toggle navigation.

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Product support Read the plugin support instructions. Plugins Envault. Visit the live demo site. Updating a variable. Requirements This plugin relies on your project having DotEnv configuration enabled. Each app provides you with a setup command similar to our example: php artisan envault:setup When an.

This plugin has not been reviewed yet. Please login to rate the plugin or write a review. Apr 08, At this point you have the default October CMS site live and a local version running on your machine. However, the standard theme is very bland and lacking in rich functionality. In this article you will learn how to apply a trendy theme, install a plugin and finally customise October CMS the site to suit your exact needs.

October has a nice feature called Projects which allows you to group plugins and themes under a Project ID. A single site will have a Project ID and this will be shared by the local, staging and production versions of it.

The Project ID is now bound to this OctoberCMS site and every plugin or theme you install will be applied to all environments where your installatios with our own versionn is setup.

You will now have the Blog tab in the backend top navigation so click on it and create a blog post. The Rainlab Blog plugin is a truly wonderful piece of software. However, you may not be happy with the UI and need to change it slightly. One of the great things about October is that it was built with extensibility in mind so making edits is a simple task if you follow our guidelines.

Basically we override the plugin components with our own versions allowing you to put together your own customised verion of October CMS. They start out as exact copies and then we can customize as necessary. With the code now looking for our custom component, we need to create it. There are no limits to the customizations you can make not only on the front end but also in back end code as well. Use this as a basis for making simple html edits and when you feel you have mastered it you can move on to more complex PHP changes.

In this post you learned how to customise your OctoberCMS site and transform from the standard install to a beautiful, responsive and feature rich domain customized to your exact needs.

It now has a greater chance of being successful than a default template with no additional functionality. Your site is live but what if updates are made on the production CMS? October generates PHP classes whenever a user creates or changes a page. If you push a commit it will overwrite them or cause merge conflicts on the server? Learn how to handle that scenario in our next post. This is an experimental feature to see if users want our content in PDF form. To show your support for this feature add your email below:.This article was created in partnership with October CMS.

October CMS

Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible. Looking to partner with SitePoint? Get more information here. These days it can be tough for website developers, especially now with WordPress going through the biggest and the most dramatic update in its history.

October CMS is the natural choice for developers that look for a modern and reliable content management system based on the Laravel PHP framework. Launched intoday October CMS is a mature platform with a large ecosystem. October CMS is known for its reliability and non-breaking updates, which is greatly appreciated by developers and their clients. October CMS has a simple extensible core.

The core provides basic CMS functions and a lot of functionality can be added with plugins from the Marketplace. The plugins Marketplace includes a lot of product categories, which include blogging, e-commerce, contact forms, and many others. We will use the Static Pages plugin that allows you to create a dynamic website structure with pages and menus manageable by non-technical end users. At the same time, the website will include dynamic blog pages, with content managed with the Blog plugin.

All plugins used in this tutorial are free for anyone to install. The ideas from this tutorial can be extended to creating more complex websites. Themes implementing similar features can be found on the Themes Marketplacebut the goal of this tutorial is to show how easy it is to make an October website from scratch. The website theme is completely based on Twitter Bootstrap 4.

To install October CMS you must have a web server meeting the minimum requirements. There are several ways to install October CMS. We will use the Wizard Installer option, which is simple and user-friendly. The installation process is explained in the documentation. Create a new MySQL database, download the installerunpack it to a directory you prepared for October and open the install.

The installation process is fairly straightforward, showing the standard prompts to enter the database details and set up the administrator credentials.

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On the last step, click Start from scratch. This will create an empty installation with a simple demo theme. After the installation finishes, click the Administration Area link and log into the October CMS back-end using the credentials you provided during the installation.

In this step, we will install two plugins required for our little project. We want to start with a blank theme for our tutorial. Click Create a new blank theme link. Click Create.

october cms

Almost every CMS page has a layout assigned to it. The simplest functional layout code looks like this:. For our tutorial, the Layout will define the markup required for a Twitter Bootstrap page. Note that using the built-in CMS editor is not a requirement since all theme objects — Layouts, Pages and Partials — are just HTML files in the theme directory although there is an option to use a database instead.

This means that you can edit them with your favorite code editor. However, using the CMS editor is preferable for new users. Click the Layouts item in the sidebar and then click the Add button. Paste the following text in the Markup code editor and make sure you save the layout again.

As mentioned above, the markup was copied from the Bootstrap Starter Templatewith a few additions:. To make the layout available for Static Pages, we must add the Static Page component to the layout.October is a free, open-source and self-hosted content management system CMS based on the PHP programming language and Laravel web application framework.

October is conceived as a "back to basics" web platform that makes website creation, design, and editing faster and more intuitive. The October CMS covers an extensive range of capabilities such as users, permissions, and plugins; it can be utilized to build everything from simple promotional websites to powerful web applications and e-commerce stores.

october cms

The platform is generally favoured among developers [8] [9] for having a clean and modern codebase [10] and small learning curve and its unique template system that is easily manageable with version control systems. October takes full advantage of its underlying PHP framework, Laravel, [13] and all of these benefits are intrinsically available to the developer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Free and open-source software portal. Retrieved on 14 September Retrieved on 18 May Retrieved Jekyll vs.

Smashing Magazine. Retrieved on 20 May CMS Critic. Categories : Content management systems Free software. Hidden categories: CS1 Russian-language sources ru Pages using deprecated image syntax. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Content management system.Every second Tuesday, we send a newsletter with useful techniques on front-end and UX.

Three months ago, WordPress finally released React-powered Gutenberg to power its default content editing experience, triggering many people who are not happy with this change to look for alternatives.

How To Customise October CMS Quickly

If I were to find an alternative to WordPress, I would try to avoid being stuck in the past, and aim for a clean cut through some mature platform built on modern foundations. This article compares WordPress to the arguably similar yet more modern October CMS on a wide arrange of both technical and non-technical topics. The goal of the article is not to convince people to stick to WordPress or to switch to October CMS, but simply to demonstrate what aspects must be taken into account before concluding the move to a different platform.

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The same comparison could and should also be done with other platforms before making a sensible decision. I found out about October CMS when it won an awardafter which I went into research mode and spent a good deal of time digging deep into this CMS — from the perspective of both a user and a developer.

I believe that October CMS is a good candidate because it is based on Laravel which is a framework used for building modern applications. After seven years of existence, it has received positive approval from developers as evidenced by its sizeable community and ecosystemand marks a distinct contrast over coding in WordPress, i. WordPress is mostly procedural programming while Laravel is decidedly object-oriented programming.

To decide which of the dozens of CMSs out there is most suitable for your own needs is entirely up to you. In addition, this article could never draw definitive conclusions since it is only concerned with a subset of all possibilities. Because none of these articles sees the full picture, then none of these comparisons can ever be conclusive, and should not be treated as such. It is no coincidence that WordPress powers nearly 1 in 3 websites.

Ever since its inception, it has strived to be extremely user-friendly and has done so successfully, removing friction for technical and non-technical users alike as well as for people from all backgrounds — irrespective of their education and economic levels. WordPress is user-centric, and the needs of the users trump those of the developers. In WordPress, the user is king or queen. In contrast, October CMS is more geared towards the developer, as explicity established from its very first release :.

October CMS can also provide a great user experience, however, it is not as simple or frictionless as that provided by WordPress. Users may need to be explained how to use certain functionality before being able to use it. For instance, embedding a form from some plugin has a lengthy explanation on how to do itwhich is more cumbersome than the self-evident, drag-and-drop functionality provided by several form plugins in WordPress.

WordPress is famous for its 5-minute installationeven though many people point out that taking into consideration all the plugins that must be installed a typical installation requires 15 minutes or more. In addition, WordPress also offers the Multisite feature, which allows us to create a network of multiple virtual sites under a single installation. This feature makes it easy for an agency to administer the sites of multiple clients — among other user cases.

Installing October CMS is also very smooth: The Wizard installation itself takes even less than five minutes, and if you install it through the Console installationit is even faster. Once the installation has been completed, we will have a fully functioning website, but still quite bare if you add the time needed to install and configure the required plugins, you can expect it to take at least 15 minutes. WordPress has been accused of being insecure due to the high amount of vulnerabilities that are constantly found.

This forces users to have the software for the CMS and all installed plugins always up to date to avoid security exploits.Thousands of digital studios and freelancers all over the world love October for its simplicityflexibility and modern design.

Their clients are happy, because October saves them both time and money. The community contributes hundreds of high quality plugins and themes to the October CMS marketplace. Universal extendable dashboard, Inspector, reusable CMS components - everything will make you smile.

Use your favorite code editor and usual workflow for creating and updating websites. October CMS is an ideal tool whether you are a self-employed web artisan or a small-to-medium digital studio. Toggle navigation. Based on Laravel. Large community The community contributes hundreds of high quality plugins and themes to the October CMS marketplace.

October CMS is trusted by 30, developers all over the world October CMS is an ideal tool whether you are a self-employed web artisan or a small-to-medium digital studio. Many of October users are located in Europe and North America. What used to cost our customers tremendous amounts of capital, are now much more attainable.

All while maintaining fundamental Laravel patterns. October is a perfect platform to build everything from simple websites to complex web applications. The main reason was that it's based on Laravel, the best PHP framework ever, and continues it's best traditions of high security, performance, and flexibility.

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What separates October from other CMS is that it allows using best modern development tools and practices: ORM and DB migrations, package management with a wide Laravel ecosystem and easy integration with third-party software Redis, Beanstalk etc. We support the path Octobers CMS's core team has chosen and believe in the great perspectives of their project. OctoberCMS is a pragmatic product that gives value both for technical and non-technical users.

Clear navigation and conveniently designed forms make it very easy to introduce this platform to our customers and the time and effort spend on training is minimized compared to other platforms. It stands on top of Laravel technology so it's easy to develop and maintain custom functionalities. It's our platform of choice for most small and medium sized projects. Mateusz Charytoniuk, owner newride Poland.

October CMS - Первое знакомство

Clients love the clean backend. Trying the OctoberCMS, very clean and works perfectly so far! Explore the core features. Looking for professional services? All services Development Hosting Technical support.

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october cms

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